Porcelain Fantasy Mugs

These mugs are made from high-fire porcelain clay. To make them, I carved my original designs on a flat slabs of clay and poured plaster over them to make press molds. Next I press slabs of clay in the molds, pull them out, bend them into cylindrical form, and attach bottoms and handles. This process obliterates some of the detail, so I recarve and clean up any flaws. I then add colored stains to the details, bisque fire and glaze fire.

Dragon Mugs $55
Green (as shown), red, pale blue.
3 5/8 inches tall, 12 ounce capacity.
The dragon wings form the main body of the mug.

Elf Mug Fairy Ring - Female Fairy Ring - Male
Fairy Ring Mugs $55. Fairy wing and hair color varies. 4 7/8 inches tall, 16 ounce capacity.
Fairies are said to dance in rings of mushrooms on the forest floor. If you enter the ring, you will become trapped in the land of Faerie.

On the other side, there is a boy fairy with dragonfly wings. Here is an alternate glazing style, where the background and sky are colored but not glazed. Here is the boy fairy on the other side of the mug.
Unicorn.jpg (42163 bytes) pegasus_mug.jpg (13549 bytes) pegacorn_mug.jpg (12543 bytes)
Unicorn Mug $55
Green, all white, or pale blue 4 3/8 inches tall, 15 ounce capacity.
Pegasus Mug $50
All white (as shown), pale blue or dark blue. 5 inches tall, 23 ounce capacity.
Pegacorn Mug $50
All white (as shown), pale blue or dark blue. 5 inches tall, 23 ounce capacity.
The unicorn is said to be found in groves of wild roses. This mug is glazed with green celadon glaze. There is a Celtic Knotwork border on top rim and handle. Male and female winged horses come with or without unicorn horns. This image shows the stallion side (although it is subtle) without a horn in glossy White Glaze. This image shows the mare side with a horn in glossy White glaze.