Knotwork Mugs


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The decoration on this mug is based on Medieval celtic designs. The interwoven bands symbolize the connectedness and continuity of life. This mug is the small size with satin matt Green glaze.
Small: $30, 4 1/4 inches tall,  14 ounce capacity
Medium: $35,  5 3/8 inches tall,  19 ounce capacity
Large: $40,  6 inches tall,  32 ounce capacity
The medium size also comes as a cup without a handle for $25.

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These are examples of glazes in the small and medium sizes. From left, the glazes are: satin matt Green, glossy Woo Blue, satin matt Golden Yellow, and glossy Crystalline Brown.

Knotwork Gold Knotwork Woo Blue
Knotwork in Gold Knotwork in Woo Blue