Rune Mugs

Regular size: 4 3/8″ inches tall, 19 ounce capacity, $35
A slightly larger size comes as a cup without a handle for $25.
Large size mug: 6″ inches tall, 32 ounce capacity, $40


The Anglo-Saxon Runes on this mug spell out the four ancient elemental forces of nature:

Earth | Air | Fire | Water

There are celtic knots on the top and bottom of the handle.

To make this mug, I carved individual letter stamps from clay and press them into a flat slab of clay before forming it into a cylinder and adding a pulled handle and slab bottom. The band of runes and the celtic knots on the handle are stained with iron oxide. The mugs pictured above are glazed in a glossy Black, satin Green, and a new satin Tuquoise glaze.

Front row and middle of the middle row are medium mugs. Cups are on each end of the middle row. Large mugs are on the top row.